10 Blog Post Ideas

10 Blog Post Ideas

What Do I Want To Write About?

This was for sure the biggest question I asked myself when the idea of starting a blog first came to me. The first thing I did was make a list. And while my own list is much, much longer than this, here is my list of 10 blog post ideas for a general lifestyle blog.

I have a slight OCD problem that leads me into obsession with organizing, sorting, list making etc.

So what is the most fun part about starting a blog? Listing all of the possible blog post ideas. I will try my best not to get out of control by making sub-categories, or sort by alphanumeric order. But we’ll see how this turns out.

For the first attempt at this, I will keep it quite simple. 10 blog post ideas under just one category. And since this is a lifestyle blog, then the first 10 ideas will be along the same lines. So here it is.

10 Blog Post Ideas For a General Lifestyle Blog
Lists Post Ideas
  • Organizing ideas and hacks – can be lists of items to purchase that will make organizing easier, filing or storage systems, or create printables to help the process along.
  • Favourite restaurants/foods – can be food styles like Italian, Chinese, etc; dishes, fast food chains or even local restaurants if your audience base is local or if you are located in a tourist friendly city.
  • Money saving tips – not a topic that I’m an expert in for sure, mainly due to the fact that there never seems to be enough money at the end of the month to actually save. But I love to read up on these ideas and hopefully I’ll be able to make some of them stick. 
  • Favourite bloggers – when starting a blog, there is a lot of reading and research. This means that I have read through many, many other blogs to find inspiration, ideas and information. A great idea is to make a post to shout out to your favourite bloggers.
  • Travel wish list – some call it a bucket list, some call it dreaming. Whatever it is, everyone does it. Make a list of all the places you would like to go, include top tourist spots or hidden gems to look for. Add links to sites that offer discounts or great travel prices.

10 blog post ideas for a general lifestyle blog

Ok, so that was just the first 5 ideas and they are all lists. Let’s find some ideas that involve actual writing.

Writing Post Ideas
  • Something that made you stronger – this is a topic that I could write pages about. Life is full of ups and downs. Getting through experiences both good and bad change who you are. Share a story about an experience that you went through that made you a stronger person in the end.
  •  How to’s and tutorials – I love very detailed, step by step instructions when I start a project. Find something you are amazing at and write a how to guide or even do a tutorial video on how it is done.
  • Contests – Ok, so this one could technically fall under the category of a list but I think if it is possibly going to allow someone to win a prize then it’s ok if I sneak it in here. One of my hobbies is entering contests online. Create a post that ‘lists’ any new contests that you have stumbled upon and give details of prizing, eligibility and how to enter. I plan on making this a weekly routine. (Once I make a routine)
  • Dinner guests – if you could invite 3 people to dinner who would it be, why, and what would you talk about. You could put a different spin on it like they have to be alive now (or the opposite), they can only be over/under a certain age, or they all have to be the same/opposite sex. There are tons of variations that can be done on this one.
  • Finally, number 10. This might be one of my favourites. I am a self confessed nerd, geek, whatever you want to call it. I like books and superhero movies. But I also have a love of history. So the question is, if you could have been present to witness one event in history, what would it be and why. Being a sci-fi geek as well, you could also create a new version of history by asking yourself if you would do anything to change what happened. But that is just messing with the whole time-space continuum. Don’t do that.

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Well there you have it. My first list of lists. Let me know it the comments below which ones you will try, or what you would like to see appear on this blog in the future.

I have tons of ideas, so there will more than likely be another post like this one in the future. So subscribe to my newsletter to received a monthly update on new posts.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas. Take care and be square.

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