20 Books To Read Before You Die

books to read
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The History

Before I get started on the list of 20 books to read before you die, let me tell you a little history of how I became a book lover.

I was never much of a reader growing up. My book reports in school were often done by my mom, who would get very upset if she didn’t get an A. Probably not the best parenting but we would often laugh about it years later.

She loved books. It’s something that I’ve learned to emulate. I try my best to read as much as I can but sometimes I will go for weeks without picking up a book. Other times I can go through two novels a week.

I inherited my love of books from my mother, which I am now sharing with my own daughter. But I will not do her book reports.

Books to read

When looking for ideas of what to read next, I’m often online searching for lists of books to read before you die. A great resource for me to find book lists is Goodreads.com where there are tons of books to inspire your love of reading.

First off, my favourite novels are the classics.


A little more modern choices

Now when I suggest the Harry Potter series, I know that it is more than one book, but I just look at as one really long story. So it’s only taking up one spot on my list.

What is on your ‘books to read’ list?

If there are any books that you think should be added let me know in the comments below.

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