5 Fantastic Photography Freebies

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We recently made the plunge and purchased a new camera. It’s something that we have always wanted to buy and one day we just went ahead and did it. The camera we chose was a Canon EOS Rebel T7 and it came with an extra 300mm lens. It was a great deal. The only problem is that I have no idea how to use it.

I know there is the Auto Mode which takes really nice pictures, but I want to learn how to use the different settings. Learn aperture and ISO. I want to learn to take fantastic pictures. So any help I can find I take advantage of it.

I found this great website called PhotoWhoa. It is a website for photography lovers. From tutorials to ebooks to software, you get them all. It is a one stop shop for everything photography. You can get a wide variety of heavily discounted deals for Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions, Effects, Plugins, Editors, Video Tutorials and more.

photography freebies

Here I will share with you some excellent freebies that I found for different aspects of photography. Whether it is learning the basics, intermediate or advanced. Find information about setting your camera to make the amazing pictures that you see on websites and places like Instagram.

There are also guides and freebies for editing your photos after all of the picture taking is done. The one thing I’ve noticed is that you can take a good picture and make it great by using the right photo editing software.


The Beginner’s Lightroom Guide – (Value $104)

“If you’re just getting started as a photographer, you’ve probably already tried Lightroom. Or at least wanted to try it. After all, the effects are so compelling, and other photographers speak so highly of how easy it is to use. You can’t help but feel like you’re missing out.”

Some of the topics covered in this guide are:

  • Introduction To Lightroom
  • White Balance
  • Tonal Values
  • Presence Panel
  • Tone Curves HSL/Color Panel
  • Split Toning
  • Detail Panel
  • Lens Correction
  • Effects Panel
  • Vignette Options
  • Camera Calibration
  • Black And White Photos Tools
  • Brush Tool

And much more.

All Your Photography Questions Answered – (Value $169.00)

“At last, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the nuts and bolts of photography is here in this handy guide.

Here’s a sampling of some of the topics included in one handy download…although there are far too many questions and answers to list here. This guide with questions for photographers includes it all.

  • Lighting. Practical instruction about outdoor shots, effective use of flash and two-light systems.
  • Organization. Storage tips for props and backdrops, as well as how to keep track of Photoshop actions.
  • Camera Settings. Guidance for managing motion with just the right amount of blur, as well as the best settings and lenses to use.
  • Props. How and where to purchase backdrops, accessories, etc.
  • Technology. Recommendations about file recovery software, computer monitors, laptops and calibration software.
  • Pricing. Real talk about all the awkward questions. How much to charge in a variety of situations, whether to communicate prices up front, and how to deal with cancellations and no-shows.
  • Camera Equipment. Guidance for purchasing and caring for cameras, lenses and other equipment.
  • Editing. Answers to common questions about editing photos effectively and quickly.
  • Marketing. How to use referral and reward programs effectively, as well as the best platforms for advertising.
  • Weddings. Advice on managing relationships with family members, what to charge, how to prepare for bridal shows, etc.
  • Website/Blog. The pros and cons of blogging, the best web host for your website and ways to put your brochures into digital form.
  • Prints/Products. How to charge for photo books and prints, as well as solutions for presenting your products to clients.
  • Posing. Reducing glare, making kids smile, and working with large families or clients with special needs…as well as many other issues around posing.
  • Business. The ins and outs of charging what you need and deserve, as well as building a customer base and cost-effective workarounds for business expenses.

Insider Secrets For Great Street Photography – (Value $10)
“In this street photography book, The Street Photography Guide, seasoned street photographer Alex Coghe offers his hard-won insights into this exhilarating world.”

Here are just a few of the valuable lessons covered.

  • How the history of street photography influences our work today.
  • A working definition of “street photography” and a manifesto to help us understand why we do it and love it
  • The “must haves” for good street photography
  • An in-depth tutorial on the effective use of Zone Focus to capture your subjects
  • Specific recommendations on how to find the best cameras to use for street photography.
  • Discussion of the elements of good composition including perspective, framing, use of space, balance, and effective use of the scissors.
  • Insider knowledge about how close to your subjects you really need to get
  • The pros and cons of using flash.
  • Tips for overcoming your fear of photographing strangers
  • How to tell the difference between strong or weak content


18 Free Vintage Photoshop Actions – (Value $10)
“Well, here it is. 18 Vintage Photoshop actions for you to toy with at your disposal. The tools are easy to use and take away a lot of the complications that sometimes come with photography editing, free editing. No need to take a tutorial, just one click with the various Vintage features, and you are developing professional edits.”

What you get with this free editing kit?

  • Unlimited usage of these vintage tools. Use them again and again for commercial or personal use.
  • Compatible with CS4 and UP
  • PSE 11+ compatibility
  • 18 easy to use one-click actions that substantially speed up your editing process without taking away quality
  • Instant download. No need to do any lengthy sign-ups. Just click!!

15 Free Lightroom Presets Bundle – (Value $10)
“Are you struggling to find a way to edit your photographs with a professional touch? Are you having a difficult time choosing between Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to edit your photographs?

In order to make it easier, we give you various options to enhance your photographs. There is no need to choose between the two as we offer creative and professional presets for Lightroom and various actions for Photoshop.

These presets are compatible with both Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop and are used by many photographers across the globe as they help to make the workflow easy while ensuring that the editing process is enjoyable as well.

They are an excellent tool used by not only professional photographers but also amateur ones.
In these, Lightroom presets offered by BeArt-Presets, various photo editing tools have been combined to create high-quality pictures. When it comes to adjusting the tone of photographs along with setting the appropriate exposure of a picture. These offer various combinations of editing features to create high-quality photographs that have a professional touch.”


  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, & CC.
  • Categories include topics such as Wedding presets, food presets, & more.
  • Makes editing easier with one click of a button.
  • Highly compatible and can be used with JPG & RAW images.
  • Also compatible with Windows and IOS operating systems.
  • Easily find presets that suits you instead of going through the hassle of designing your own in Lightroom.

I hope that you find these freebies as useful as I do. And while you’re there, check out the other offers that PhotoWhoa has to offer.

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