Welcome to the lifestyle blog that I started with the intention of having an outlet to talk about my mental health. It quickly turned into an outlet for everything including life experiences. As a child, as an adult and as a parent; my obsession with organizing, lists and more.

I was also looking for a place to express the many sides of my quirky personality. With the wide range of interests (obsessions) you will be sure to find some enjoyment on this site.

This site is for the curious, stressed out, geeky, clumsy, OCD, momish person.

Although I try to keep a focus on a limited number of topics, don’t be surprised if there are a few that feel like they came out of nowhere. Anything from parenting, health, entertainment and just life in general. Depending on my mood and interests of the day, I may also include tutorials, reviews of products, movies and books. And of course the occasional creative writing or rant that I need to get out.

Blogging is a learning process and I encourage you to follow my journey. I’ve had interesting experiences in my life and look forward to sharing them and what I’ve learned from them.

Personal Bio

Although I grew up in Toronto, Canada, which is a huge metropolis in comparison to the rest of Canada; I’ve lived a fairly “small town” life. I have pretty much stayed withing a 5km radius, which I call by bubble, for practically my entire life. But it has been a very busy bubble, with the most recent events culminating in taking time off from my job due to mental health issues.

With more time on my hands I found myself on many blogs reading about other peoples lives, trying to find ones that I could relate to. Then came the idea of writing my own life for others to find. So here I am.

But not to worry, this won’t be a site full of gloom about mental illness. I’m discovering that there is more to life than sadness. That’s what I want to explore.

Join me on my journey whether you’re looking for health and wellness, entertainment, or just my quirky thoughts and opinions.

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I hope you enjoy.

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