Winning Wednesday (May 13, 2020) It doesn’t feel like we are halfway through May. It was snowing on the weekend. Snow! May is always a hard month for me. There are lots of things that remind me of my mom. The 2nd was my parents’ anniversary, then there is Mother’sContinue Reading


Winning Wednesday (May 6, 2020) I took a break from blogging last week to try to get my mental health back on track. Luckily I didn’t miss out on any contests for that week. Well, nothing too big anyway. So we are starting again this week with some great newContinue Reading


This week there are some great contests to enter. Cash and gift cards are always my favorite prizes to win. Although I’ve never won any significant amount, they are still the best. What is your favorite prize to win (or try to win)? Let me know in the comments below.Continue Reading


Is it your lucky day? Today is my daughters 14th birthday. I’m hoping that it’s a lucky day for us. Here are some great contests that I’ve chosen to share on this special day. Hopefully it is lucky for you too. Some of the contests from last week are stillContinue Reading