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Supernatural Season 1 Episode 8 – Bugs

swarm of bugs

Supernatural Season 1 Episode 8 – Bugs

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Oasis Plains, Oklahoma

On a construction site, two men, Dustin and Travis, are working in a new development and talking about the prices of the new homes. After feeling the ground shake, Dustin looks around for damage and falls into a sinkhole. His ankle is broken so his co-worker, Travis, goes to find a rope. Noises surround Dustin and he starts to see that bugs are crawling all over him. He screams for Travis but by the time Travis returns with a rope Dustin is dead.

At a bar somewhere, after Dean hustled some money playing pool, Sam shows him the newspaper article about the death of the construction worker. The news report said that he died of mad cow disease. If that were true, he would have shown symptoms long before his death. Sam thinks that there is more to the story, so the Winchester brothers drive to Oklahoma.


Upon arrival, Dean and Sam first go to the gas company that Dustin worked for. They speak to his co-worker Travis and ask what happened to Dusty, saying that he was their uncle. After a brief conversation they ask if he could show them where it happened.

They arrive at the scene where caution tape marks off the hole that Dustin fell into. Sam and Dean ignore the tape and examine the hole. Dean manages to taunt Sam to go into the hole. Once inside he could only find a few beetles, but nothing else to give any clue as to what happened.

Sam and Dean Winchester looking down a hole.

Needing more information, they decide to attend an open house barbeque at one of the houses already finished.

House Guests

Inside the house they are greeted by the developer, Larry Pike, who assumed that the brothers were a couple. They quickly corrected him and said that there are looking for a place for their father. Larry tells them that the neighborhood is clean and safe.

On a tour of the house Dean sees a jar filled with bugs, which we find out belongs to Larry’s son, Matt. Outside, Sam is talking to the sales rep, Linda, who is talking about how all the homes have a steam shower. Sam notices a tarantula is crawling towards her on a counter. He picks it up and returns it to who he thinks is the owner of the arachnid, who is Larry’s son, Matt. They bond over a conversation about father son relationships.

Sam returning a tarantula to Matt who collects them and bugs

Family Issues

Larry comes to take Matt back into the house, probably to yell at him. The boys have a quick discussion about their own father, of which they both have very different memories. Sam thinks that their dad thought of Dean as the good son, because it was the wrong choice to play soccer instead of learning how to bow hunt. Dean changes the subject back to the job and says that he found out about a man in the area died about a year ago by an attack of bees. That means that two deaths are connected to bugs.

Later that night as they drive through the neighbourhood, they decide that there were no signs of paranormal activity but are curious about the bug connection. They also discuss Larry’s son since he seems to have a liking for bugs. They pull into the garage of one of the empty houses and “squat” for the night.

Next we see the sales rep, Linda, inside her house, turning on her tv. A bug falls on her so she decides to wash off in the steam shower that she was telling Sam about. In the shower, tons of spiders come crawling out of the faucet and Linda becomes the next victim of the curious phenomenon.

Spiders and bugs coming out of a shower faucet.

The brothers find out about the death the next morning and head over to the house. It is surrounded by police and paramedics but they spot Larry and stop to ask some questions. He tells them that Linda died but they don’t know how. After the police leave, they sneak into the house and in the bathroom they find some spiders in the shower area. Now it is time to question Matt.

Help From The Experts

They wait for Matt at the school bus stop and when he gets off the bus, he walks into the woods instead of going home. After first asking if they were serial killers, Matt defends himself saying that he isn’t involved in what is happening but he knows that something is going on with the insects in the area. While walking to see what Matt is talking about, they talk about family again. Sam tells Matt that in 2 years, when he goes to college, it will be better.

They arrive at a place where Matt tells them that all of the insects have been gathering in this one spot. There is a big pile of dirt and as Dean digs through it he finds a skull. They uncover more skeletal remains and decide to take them to the Department of Anthropology to have them examined.

They learn from a professor that the bones are from the time when the area was inhabited by Native Americans and that there was a tribe called the Yuche about 60 miles away. Sam and Dean think that is where they would get the best information about what might be going on.

When they arrive to speak with one of the tribe members, he could tell that Dean was a liar. But he was willing to answer any questions that Sam had. He tells them about a Yuchi tribe village that was wiped out, over 6 days, by an American Calvary when they refused to relocate. The village leader then placed a curse on the land. Nature would protect the land for 6 days each year. And judging by the recent events, Sam and Dean figure out that this was the 6th day of the curse, and rush back to the development.

The Fallout

Next we see Matt outside of his house looking at bugs when all of a sudden there are more bugs than there should be coming out of the ground. After failing to speak to Larry on the phone, Sam calls Matt and explains what they just learned. Dean tells Matt to lie to his family to get them out of the house.

Matt actually tried telling the truth to his dad but of course Larry didn’t believe him. As they argue, the brothers arrive and so do the bugs. They all run into the house. There is no power and the phone lines are dead. They all try to seal off any openings but forget the fireplace. The bugs fly in as Dean finds some flammable bug spray for protection.

All of them hunker down in the attic but termites start eating through the wood which allows even more bugs to get in. The sun comes up just in time and all of the bugs go away.

Swarm of bugs flying through a hole.

As the day begins, we see Larry and his family packing up and moving out of the house. Construction is stopped on the rest of the neighborhood because of the bones that were found. Larry is just happy to have his family safe and doesn’t care too much about the development. Matt throws away his bug collection.

In this episode we learn a little more about Sam and Dean’s upbringing and how each of them had two completely different experiences. They try to focus on the bigger picture of finding their father. Sam wants to apologize for words that were said.

To see more recaps on earlier episodes click here. And click here to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video to be able to access all seasons of Supernatural and many, many more titles.

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Supernatural Season 1, Episode 7 “Hook Man”

Hook man

Supernatural Season 1, Episode 7 “Hook Man”

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The legend of a “hook man” can date back to roughly the mid 1950’s. It became a little more popular when it was mentioned in the “Dear Abby” advice column in the 1960’s. In fact, I’m sure almost everyone has heard some version of the story. It usually involves a young couple in a car, at night, and a hooded man with, of course, a hook. This episode takes us into another adaptation of the urban legend.

The opening scene is set in Iowa and shows a young couple parked in a secluded, wooded area. The story of Hook Man comes to life when the young man ends up hanging dead, upside down above the car and the young woman screaming.

hook man silhouette

Winchesters Are On The Job

The newspaper article about the attack by an “invisible man” is what brings the Winchester brothers to town. They pose as fraternity members and question one of the brothers who tells them that the young woman, Lori, was the daughter of a minister. So off to church they go.

After the sermon, they approach Lori to give their condolences and to ask her a few questions. listening to her story, Sam is sure that she is telling the truth. They do some research and discover that a preacher named Jacob Carnes was arrested for murder in 1862. He was so upset about the red light district in town that one night he killed 13 prostitutes. Some were found in their beds while others were found hanging upside down from tree limbs as a warning against sins of the flesh. The preacher had lost his hand in an accident and it was replaced by a silver hook. It all took place on Nine Mile Road, which is by chance the same location that the attack recently happened.

Meanwhile, Lori gets into an argument with her dad when he drops her off back at the sorority house about who she hangs out with. She storms out of the car and up to her room where her roommate is sleeping.

In Trouble Again

Switch to the Winchesters who are now exploring the area where the attack happened. They are arrested after being found by a police officer.

Lori settles in to sleep and the screen focuses on the open door of their room. Morning comes and the door is closed. Lori wakes to find her roommate dead with blood everywhere. On the wall, written in blood is “aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light”

Lori settles in to sleep and the screen focuses on the open door of their room. Morning comes and the door is closed. Lori wakes to find her roommate dead with blood everywhere. On the wall, written in blood is “aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light”

The brothers are able to get off with a simple fine for Sam due to Dean’s negotiation skills. As they leave the police station they see all of the cops run to their cars. And of course they follow and find themselves driving by the crime scene at the sorority. The chief of police tells her preacher father that they need to question Lori since she was present at both murders.

Figuring It All Out

Sam and Dean sneak their way into the sorority house. It is odd that the ghost of Hook Man would change locations. They typically haunt a specific area. They notice a certain symbol that was painted on the wall under the words. It is the same symbol that was on the silver hook of Jacob Carnes.

Sam and Dean sneak their way into the sorority house. It is odd that the ghost of Hook Man would change locations. They typically haunt a specific area. A certain symbol was also painted on the wall. It is the same symbol that was on the silver hook of Jacob Carnes.

After doing some “homework” as Dean calls it, Sam was able to find a pattern in the attacks. Two previous incidents involved a preacher that was arrested for the crimes. They were men of religion who openly preached against immorality. They think that this time, the ghost is trying to save one person instead of a whole town, and that the poltergeist is haunting a person instead of a place. Lori’s dad.

Exercise The Spirit

Dean goes to the cemetery. He is looking for an unmarked grave so that he can dig up the bones, salt them and burn them to get rid of the spirit. He finds a gravestone with the same mysterious symbol. Dean digs up the grave and does his ritual.

Sam goes to keep an eye on Lori at her fathers house. When she spots him, she comes out to talk to him. She says that Sam should run away from her because she feels like she is cursed. Her father had just told her that he is seeing a married woman from their church and Lori can’t understand how he can tell her what is moral when he is doing something so wrong. She hugs Sam and then they kiss. He pulls away just before her dad comes to the door to ask her to come inside.

When they both turn to look at him, a black shadow appears behind him and drags him back into the house. Sam grabs his weapon and rushing inside. He finds the spirit attacking the man and shoots it with his gun filled with rock salt, and then it disappears out a window.

Why Didn’t It Work

Next we are at the hospital where the sherriff is asking Sam some questions. That it is suspicious that he and his brother were always around the crime scenes.

Sam and Dean now think that the spirit of Jacob Carnes is somehow using Lori’s emotions to do the killings. First the boy came on too strong, next her roommate tries to turn her into a party girl, and then she finds out that her father is having an affair with a married woman. But since Dean salted and burned the remains how is it still around?

The hook. If they can find the hook they can stop the hook man. Back to the library.

The Final Stand

After some record digging, they find out that the church had reforged the hook turned it into something else. Then off they go to the church to find anything made of silver so that they can burn it.

As they are searching Sam finds Lori in the church praying. She thinks all of the attacks are her fault. Suddenly all of the candles are burned out and the hook man appears. Sam gets thrown around and injured while trying to protect Lori. They can’t understand why the burning didn’t work. It’s at that moment that he notices Lori’s necklace. A silver chain with a silver cross attached. Dean brings it to the basement and burns it with the rest of the silver. First the silver melts away, and then the hook man . He slowly disappears into dust.

Getting ready to leave town Sam says goodbye to Lori and she thanks him for saving her and her father. No kiss goodbye. He gets in the car and they drive away.

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To watch all seasons of Supernatural, sign up to Amazon Prime here.

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Supernatural Season 1, Episode 6 “Skin”

shapeshifter skinwalker wolf

Supernatural Season 1, Episode 6 “Skin”

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This episode starts out by showing a woman strapped to a chair, gagged and bloodied. A person approaches and pulls out a knife with a wavy blade. A S.W.A.T enters the building and finds the woman in the chair. She motions in the direction that her assailant went and the police enter the next room and find a man trying to leave through a balcony door. With his hands up, he turns around and lit up by the flashlight we see that it is Dean Winchester. The we flash back to one week earlier.

Sam gets an email from his friend Becky from College. Her brother Zach has been arrested for murdering his girlfriend. Becky insists that he is innocent considering he was with her when the girlfriend was killed, in spite of a security video showing Zack arriving home just before the murder.

The Investigation Begins

Becky takes Sam and Dean to the crime scene under the impression that Dean is a detective. They find out that the house was robbed about a week earlier and that the neighbors dog has become vicious since the murder. Once they view the security video, they see Zach’s eyes shine white when he looks at the camera, and know that there is something more to this story.

shapeshifter white eyes

We watch a man kiss his wife goodbye as he leaves for a business trip. The trip is cancelled and he returns home a few hours later to find his wife tied up and bloody. As he tries to untie her, she begs him not to hurt her anymore. Confused, the husband searches the other rooms for an intruder and finds a man that looks exactly like him, who then knocks him out with a bat.

On their second day of investigating, Sam realizes that the security footage shows “Zach” coming home, but doesn’t show him leaving. They go to the alley to look for any clues that he may have left through the back door. Sam finds a bloody handprint just before an ambulance, with it’s sirens blaring drives past them. And of course, they have to follow to find out what happened.

The ambulance ends up at the home of the business man as he is being put into a police cruiser. Dean asks some questions and discover that the story is eerily similar to that of Zach’s story. They come to the conclusion that they are dealing with a shapeshifter. Something that can make itself look like anyone. They find another blood trail in the alley behind the crime scene that seems to disappear, until they notice the sewer grate below them.

Down Below

When they explore the sewer system they find some skin and blood that is possibly shed from the shapeshifter, just like a snake. Just as they are about to investigate further, Sam gets a call from Becky. She has found out that Dean is not a detective, and she is not happy. She tells Sam that she doesn’t want his help anymore. But that doesn’t stop them.

manhole cover sewer system

Further into the sewer they find what they think is the shapeshifter’s lair when suddenly they are attacked by the creature still in the shape of the business man. It manages to escape them onto the city streets. They split up to look for it and then meet up on a city block corner, neither one finding the suspected shapeshifter. They cross the road to head back to the car and as a car passes in front of Dean, the beam of the headlight show his eyes are that of the shapeshifter. It doesn’t take long for Sam to realize that it is not his brother and confronts it. But just as quickly, the creature knocks him out with a tire iron.

Sam wakes up tied to a beam in the sewer. The shapeshifter tells Sam that Dean is jealous. It can somehow access Dean’s thoughts and memories and shares them with Sam. He resents Sam for having opportunities like going to college when he had to stay with their dad. He also says that he’s going to pay a visit to Sam’s friend Becky.

Shapeshifter Who’s Who

Becky and the Dean imposter are talking and having a drink while Sam is trying to get free of his ropes. As he tries, he hears Dean waking up. Dean gets out of his ropes and helps Sam with his and is listening to Sam’s theory that the shapeshifter needs to keep the person that he turns into alive in order to create a psychic connection. Meanwhile at Becky’s house, the shapeshifter tries to come on to her and she shuts him down quickly. She gets scared and tries to call the police but it knocks her down and ties her up.

We are then faced with the opening scene of the woman strapped to a chair, tied and bloodied. The S.W.A.T. team finds the shapeshifter trying to escape through the balcony door but it throws the knife and one and karate kicks another. It jumps off the balcony, does a barrel roll on the grass, and runs away dodging bullets. It returns to its lair in the sewer and sheds it’s Dean skin.

We are then faced with the opening scene of the woman strapped to a chair, tied and bloodied. The S.W.A.T. team finds the shapeshifter trying to escape through the balcony door but it throws the knife and one and karate kicks another. It jumps off the balcony, does a barrel roll on the grass, and runs away dodging bullets. It returns to its lair in the sewer and sheds it’s Dean skin.

After Sam and Dean escape the sewer they walk past tv’s that are broadcasting a bulletin about the attack on Becky. The bulletin shows a police sketch of Dean saying that he is wanted and may be armed and dangerous. They return to Becky’s house to get the car and the weapons inside so that they can hunt down the creature. But once there, the police notice them. Sam distracts the police while Dean gets away and eventually gets to the Impala.

Dean, not listening to Sam’s warning, goes into the sewer alone while Sam is at Becky’s house trying to explain everything. Dean gets to the lair and finds Becky tied up and covered in a tarp. She tells him that the creature turned into her before it left. And meanwhile at Becky’s house the imposter Becky knocks out Sam with an empty bottle of beer. It then turns back into Dean and has Sam tied up and is planning on killing him.

Sam fights back, gets out of his bindings and he and the creature fight. Just as the shapeshifter is strangling Sam the real Dean enters. He shoots the creature in the heart with a silver bullet and it lies dead, still looking like Dean.

The Heat Is Off, Where To Next?

The police think that the deceased “Dean Winchester” is the person responsible for Becky’s attack. They also pin the death of her brother’s girlfriend on him. Because of this, they release Zach from custody and the police think that the video footage was tampered with. As the brothers drive along the highway, Dean jokes and says “How many chances am I gonna have to see my own funeral?”

Check out recaps of previous episodes or watch all seasons on Amazon Prime.

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Supernatural Season 1, Episode 5 “Bloody Mary”

bloody mary

Supernatural Season 1, Episode 5
“Bloody Mary”

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I’m sure that most of us have heard of the legend and superstition of Bloody Mary. A ghost story that includes the chanting of the name Bloody Mary three times in the mirror of a darkly lit room. This is supposed to summon the spirit of a woman who will appear in the mirror and in some way harm you, or at least scare you half to death.

This episode of Supernatural starts by introducing us to some young girls having a sleepover at the home of Lily Shoemaker. Two of the girls convince Lily to go into the dark bathroom and say the forbidden name three times. When she does, nothing happens. Well; not right away. Later that night, Lily’s father is found in a pool of blood in the bathroom. The cause of death was listed as a stroke, but when the Winchesters get involved there is sure to be something even more sinister.

Sam and Dean listen to Lily’s story and decide to delve more into the legend of Bloody Mary. Since there are numerous tellings of the scary tale, they find it hard to know which one to believe. Later, one of Lily’s sisters friends; Jill, doesn’t believe in the superstition and jokingly says the name in the mirror three times. Her reflection says to her “you killed that boy” and she subsequently dies.

Smoke And Mirrors, Magic, Explosion, Mirror

The Investigation

After investigating both scenes the brothers uncover what looks like a bloody handprint and a name at both locations. At the Shoemakers home the name was that of Lily’s mother who died under mysterious circumstances; and at Jill’s it was the name of a boy who was killed in a hit and run accident in which the description of the car was the same as Jill’s. This brings Sam and Dean to believe that Bloody Mary is killing people that have a secret involving someone who has died. They don’t have to be involved in the death, they just feel responsible.

Their search leads them to a story about a woman named Mary who died in front of a mirror and whose spirit was possibly transferred into the mirror. In order to stop the spirit from killing anyone else, they need to destroy the mirror. They manage to find the mirror at an antique store where Sam invokes the spirit of Mary. His big secret is that he feels responsible for Jess’ death because he had a dream about it before it happened. Dean gets distracted by the police showing up outside the store and when he gets back to Sam, smashes the mirror before Mary is able to kill Sam.

The Twist

Bloody Mary is somehow able to pull herself out of the mirror and begins to kill both brothers. Dean’s quick thinking saves them both when he pulls out a mirror and shows Bloody Mary her own reflection. By doing this, it turns the magic onto herself and she dies.

Dean doesn’t know what Sam’s secret is, but they pack up and head off to find themselves another town and another spirit to fight.

To catch up on previous episodes find my recaps on episodes 1, 2 and 3 or you can stream the entire series on Amazon Prime Video.

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Supernatural Season 1, Episode 4 “Phantom Traveler”


Supernatural Season 1, Episode 4 “Phantom Traveler”

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The episode starts with a business man getting ready for his flight. He is visibly nervous and splashes some water on his face to try to calm down. A black smoke like entity enters the man and turns his eyes a solid black. The nervousness is gone and he boards the plane.

Greeting the flight attendant, she notices his eyes and feels uncomfortable, but it quickly passes as she greets other passengers.

About 40 minutes into the flight, the possessed man  gets up from his seat and walks toward the back of the plane. Another passenger watches as he grabs the handle of the emergency exit and with inhuman strength, opens the door.

A friend of John’s named Jerry calls Sam and Dean to investigate the last recording on a black box from the crash. Two words. “No survivors”

There were seven survivors of that crash including the pilot and a flight attendant.

The Investigation

They interview a survivor who has checked himself into a mental hospital. He tells them the story of the plane crash that sounds real. But after some coaxing, he tells the brothers the real story about the man who crashed the plane. How this man, with a smile on his face, opened the door with ease which should not be possible.

With fake IDs and clean suits they manage to lie their way in to see the wreckage of the plane. They discover a yellowish substance on the handle of the cabin door which after examination they determine is sulphur. Sulphur is a sure sign that they are dealing with a demon.

The surviving pilot is going to get re certified and is piloting a small craft to get tested. About 40 minutes into the flight, the demon possesses him and that plane crashes too. When Sam and Dean examine the wreckage of the small craft they find the same sulphur. Now they are sure that they are dealing with a demon, and it seems set on picking off the remaining survivors of the first crash.

The Phantom Traveler

One of those survivors, the flight attendant, is scheduled to fly on another plane. Sam and Dean have to board that plane and try to save her life. This is where Sam finds out why Dean drives everywhere. He is terrified of flying. Dean reluctantly boards the plane with Sam and they keep an eye on things.

Before it reaches the 40 minute mark of the flight, the brothers discover that the demon has possessed the pilot. They need to perform an exorcism so they get the flight attendant on their side. With some difficulty they manage to expel the demon before it kills everybody on board.

Once back on solid ground, Dean asks Jerry how he knew his new phone number. As it turns out, Jerry had called John and instead of the number being disconnected it was now active again. The message tells people that if they need help to call Dean.

Now the Winchester brothers know that their dad is alive and out there somewhere. They just have to find him.

To catch up on previous episodes find my recaps on episodes 1, 2 and 3 or you can stream the entire series on Amazon Prime Video.

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Supernatural Season 1 – Episode 3 “Dead In The Water”


Supernatural Season 1, Episode 3 “Dead In The Water”

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The mysterious drowning of 18 year old varsity swimmer Sophie Carlton in Lake Manitoc draws the Winchester brothers to a small town in Wisconsin. There have been a series of unexplained drownings over the past 35 years and Dean wants to investigate.

Posing as wildlife officers, they find out from the sheriff that the lake is slowly draining due to a leak in the dam. He assumes that once the lake is empty, the bodies will be found.

Sam and Dean also meet the sheriff’s daughter and grandson, Andrea and Lucas.

Andrea’s husband was one of the most recent victims of the lake. Their son Lucas was a witness to the incident. As a result, Lucas is now non-verbal, possibly from the trauma of witnessing his father’s death.

Dean feels a connection to Lucas. At one point when they are alone he shares with Lucas that he knows what it is like to see things that don’t make sense. Lucas draws Dean a picture of a house.


The next victim.

Later that night, Will Carlton, Sophie’s brother, is drowned in the kitchen sink. An unseen force dragged his head under the water and held him there. Sam and Dean conclude that there is a spirit in the lake that is taking revenge on people in the small town. They assume that Sophie and Will’s father, Bill, has a direct connection to the spirit. With the lake draining, time is running out for the revenge that the spirit seeks so it is speeding up the process.

Dean notices that the house that Lucas drew for him was a picture of the Carlton house.

The brothers visit Lucas again and after another heartfelt talk, he draws another picture for Dean. This time it is of a church with a house next door and a boy with a hat and a red bicycle. They are able to find the church. After speaking to the woman who lives in the house, they discover that the vengeful spirit is that of her son Peter. He disappeared 35 years ago. Sam noticed a picture of the boy and his childhood friend Bill Carlton. They assume that Bill must have killed Peter when they were kids. And now his family was being targeted by the boy’s spirit.

When they go to talk to Bill about it, they arrive just as he is steering his boat to the middle of the lake. Sam and Dean both run to the dock shouting for him to return but then an unseen force throws the boat over spilling Bill into the water, never to be seen again.

boat supernatural lake

Is it really over?

It would be easy to think that the haunting was over now that the last member of the Carlton family was gone, but Dean doesn’t feel that way. On their way out of town, he turns around because he has this feeling that it is not over yet. When they arrive at Andrea’s house to talk to her, Lucas answers the door in a panic. The brothers are able to save Andrea from being drowned in her bathtub. 

Going through photos at Andrea’s house, Dean finds a photo of her dad with Peter, the boy spirit that is terrorizing the lake. Dean thinks that her dad, the sheriff, may have also had something to do with the death of Peter 35 years ago.

red bicycle

Lucas leads the brothers out to a spot by the lake and they start to dig. They uncover the red bicycle that belonged to Peter. The sheriff shows up and while holding a gun to Sam and Dean, he explains that he and Bill had buried the bike after accidentally drowning Peter when they were kids. They had let his body sink into the lake.

Just then, Lucas is pulled into the lake and disappears under the water. Both Sam and Dean jump in after him to try to find him in the murky darkness but no luck. That is until the sheriff, begins to walk into the lake talking directly to the spirit of Peter. He pleads with him to spare the life of his grandson and to take his life instead. He is pulled under the water and then Dean finds Lucas and brings him to the surface.

Now it’s over.

With the spirit at rest, it is time for Sam and Dean to leave. Andrea and Lucas see them off and now that Lucas is able to talk again Dean teaches him one of the most important things in life. “Zepplin Rules!”

This was a great episode to see Dean open up emotionally. Coming out of his usually tough armor and letting us see the boy inside the man.

Click here for my recap of episode 1 and 2. And you can stream all episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

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Supernatural Season 1, Episode 2 Recap Wendigo


I’ll admit that after the first episode I was intrigued. I liked the fact that the episodes each have an individual story but at the same time are linked together by a common goal. Sam and Dean searching for their father.


In episode 2, the brothers are back on the road. They are heading towards the coordinates that John had last written in his journal. As they progress Sam notices that the location they are going is actually located in a forest.

They stop in a place called Blackwater Ridge. After talking to a park ranger, they find out that there is a woman by the name of Haley that is trying to find her missing brother. There was a small peak into the whereabouts of the brother at the very beginning of the episode. 

It started with him in a tent in the woods. He was sending a video message to his sister saying that everything was ok. After he puts the phone down, he and his 2 friends that are camping with him are attacked by something.

The Search

When Sam and Dean meet Haley, she shows them the last video that her brother sent. Sam notices a shadow behind the tent in the video and he and Dean know that there is something to investigate. 

Telling Haley that they are park rangers, which she easily finds out is a lie, they accompany her, along with her little brother Ben, and a guide into the forest. While searching, their guide is killed and Sam and Dean realize that they are dealing with a Wendigo. An Algonquian Native American mythical man-beast that roams the forest in search of people to eat.


Haley and Dean are taken by the creature but leave a trail of M&Ms for Sam and Ben to follow. The trail leads to an old mine where they find Dean and Haley along with her missing brother. The 2 friends he had been camping with were killed and he is the only one left alive. As they escape from the mine they come across the Wendigo and manage to kill it in their special Supernatural way.

The Winchesters realize that their father was never actually at Blackwater Creek. The coordinates that he left were for the brothers to continue in the family business by saving people from the Supernatural. And that’s what they are going to do. But they won’t stop looking for their dad.

If you haven’t watched the show or want to re-watch them all, you can find all of the episodes to stream here, on Amazon Prime Video.

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Supernatural Season 1, Episode 1 Recap

supernatural house

I have always loved tv shows and movies that had to do with the ‘unexplained’. I was a super fan of The X-Files. So I don’t know why it took me so long to start watching Supernatural. Lucky for me all seasons are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Here I am going to review each episode from the very beginning. I know I’m late to hop on the bandwagon but better late than never.

These posts will be very out of date considering that the show started in 2005. But I’ve been wanting to try to review a show, and no better one to start with.

So here I go with Season One, Episode One of Supernatural.


22 Years Ago

We begin 22 years ago with Mary and John Winchester getting their 2 children ready for bed. Sammy is just a baby being put into his crib. Dean is about 4 years old coming to say goodnight to his baby brother.

After everyone is asleep, Mary wakes up and sees who she thinks is John in the nursery with Sammy. But when she goes downstairs she sees John asleep in the living room. She panics and quickly rushes back to the nursery to find out who is in there with her baby.

John wakes to the sound of Mary screaming and when he runs up the stairs he looks in on Sammy and everything seems calm. Until he notices the blood drops. Looking up he sees Mary, stuck to the ceiling with her stomach cut open, and then she suddenly bursts into flames.

John gives the baby to Dean and tells him to take his brother outside and wait for him as he runs back in to try to save his wife. You see Dean waiting outside with Sammy when the house explodes and then John comes running out and takes the boys to safety.

Present Day

Fast forward to present day and we meet 22 year old Sam Winchester as he and his girlfriend Jess are getting ready to go to a Halloween party. Sam doesn’t want to go as he doesn’t like Halloween but he will go to celebrate his excellent results on his LSAT’s.

After the party, Sam and Jess are asleep when Sam senses someone in the house. He attacks the intruder just to discover that it is his older brother Dean. He is there to tell Sam that their dad is on a “hunting trip” and hasn’t been home in a few days.

Although Sam has an interview for law school on Monday he reluctantly goes with Dean to try to find their dad.

Ghost Story

Now to the actual episode. Many of the episodes of Supernatural are based on urban legends that we all know. The first one in the pilot episode is The Woman In White.

A teenage boy spots a woman in white on the side of the road. He pulls over and offers to drive her home and she asks if he wants to come home with her. Along the way the boy is killed, his car is found but his body is missing. And he’s not the first.

supernatural, woman in white

Sam and Dean discover that their father was investigating the strange goings on before he disappeared. He had left behind a notebook with his research, and after being arrested for impersonating a federal officer, Dean was able to get possession of this notebook.

They realize that they are dealing with a Woman In White and they have to find where she is buried to salt and burn the remains.

While Dean is still in custody, Sam finds out that the Woman In White was a woman who, after finding out that her husband had been unfaithful, drowned her children and then killed herself. She then turned into this spirit that would punish men who willingly went home with her.

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As Sam drives to pick up Dean he is stopped by the Woman In White. She gets in the car and asks Sam to take her home. What he actually does is take her to the home where her children died. She is forced to face the spirits of her children and make peace with them.

With the spirit now calmed, Sam is going home despite Dean wanting him to stay.

But it’s not over

When Sam gets home everything seems calm. He lies down in bed and then feels the blood drops. Sam opens his eyes to discover his girlfriend Jess on the ceiling with her stomach cut open, the exact way that his mother was found by John Winchester. Jess bursts into flames just as Dean comes in to pull Sam to safety.

Sam knows there is a connection to the death of his mother and his girlfriend. He is now determined to find the demon responsible and his missing father.

And so begins the adventures of the Winchester brothers on their hunt for their father and the Supernatural. 

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Movie Review of McFarland USA

movie reel

Movie review of McFarland USA

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This movie review of McFarland USA is my first attempt at being a movie critic. So please, be kind.

McFarland USA is a 2015 movie that is now available to view on the Disney+ streaming service. I had never heard of the movie before I watched it. I was introduced to it because my daughter watched it at her school this week and really liked it. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Produced by Disney, directed by Niki Caro, and starring Kevin Costner; this was a movie that I think might have fallen under the radar.


It is based on the true story of Jim White and the cross country running team of McFarland high school. Jim White has just lost another job as a high school football coach and is forced to accept a job in one of the poorest cities in America. He is hired as the Life Sciences teacher, PE teacher and assistant football coach.

He and his wife and two daughters move into a house within the city as they cannot afford to live in a better area. They quickly see how different life is there.

During his first week at his new school, he is dismissed from his football coaching responsibilities. But during one of his PE classes he notices potential in a few boys that seem like they can run forever. After some convincing, he manages to start training 7 boys as a cross country team.


This movie shows the racial bias that can come with a lack of integration and familiarity. And how simple interaction with the locals can really break down barriers and open up the lives of all those involved.

It is a great “feel good” sports movie that I have to admit, I was smiling the entire way through. The story line and the acting are much better than I expected and you really feel like cheering for the underdogs. And I love how at the end, they show the real people that the movie was based on and what happened to them after high school.

Although it would not be considered a blockbuster movie by any means, I still highly recommend this movie to all, but especially those with children. There are a lot of life lessons that can be learned from this movie.


Overall, I would give this 3 stars out of 5. I would give 3.5 but my daughter tells me that I can’t do half stars. So if you don’t have Disney+ yet, consider this just one more reason to get it.

Let me know in the comments below if you liked the movie or not. I would love to hear other points of view.

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