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Costume Shopping? But It’s Only July

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We are nearing the end of July and the summer seems to be quickly slipping away. While I am a huge fan of the heat and the summer months, I can’t help but get excited for one of my favourite holidays. Bring on the costume shopping.

Halloween has always been a big deal in our household, especially once my daughter was born. Finding her the perfect costume each year was fun, but hearing peoples reactions to her while trick or treating was even better. And I’ll have to admit that I went door to door with her right up until she was 13, and I was often in costume as well. Just whatever I could put together the night of.

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So as we get closer to the fall, I think of all the preparation I will need for the month of October. The decorations, the food and of course the costumes.

Whether you choose to shop around for the perfect disguise or let your creativeness flow by putting something together yourself; costumes are the best part of Halloween.

Here are some ideas for all ages and some links to find just what you’re looking for.

Happy Haunting……

TV & Movie Themed Costumes

**Note: Descriptions provided are taken directly from the product website or from the link provided

Men’s Top Gun Flight Suit Costume

Honestly, it takes a bit more than a rampant hunger for acceleration to become a fighter pilot. Luckily with this Men’s Top Gun Flight Suit, you can feel like you fly alongside Maverick and Iceman without actually going to flight school! This officially licensed Top Gun costume looks like it was lifted right out of the iconic action movie and it even has attached replica patches that feature movie-accurate logos. We definitely recommend finding a pair of aviators to complete this look, but you were probably way ahead of us on that.

Adult Inflatable Minion Costume

Being a little yellow thing with one huge eye should be pretty high on anyone’s dream sheet of activities and, luckily, this Adult Inflatable Minion Costume will let you live that fantasy out in style. This inflatable costume comes with an attached air blower that will fill the volume of the costume with comfortable, cooling air. The oversized torso with its film-accurate overalls and large eye are sure to impress any minion fan out there! Even Gru couldn’t say no to wearing this awesome costume!

Stranger Things Robin’s Scoops Ahoy Uniform Kids Costume

This costume is actually quite simple compared to the complex show it is derived from. It is just a shirt and hat combination. They are both made up of 100 percent polyester. The shirt has printed graphics that match the work uniform that Robin and Steve wear at the local Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop. The nametag reads Robin and is printed on the left side of the shirt. There is an ice cream cone badge on the opposite side. Her hat will match that of a sailor’s hat and has “AHOY” printed across the front in a fancy blue font.

Pet Costumes

Panda Dog Costume

Start the fun at home with this Panda Dog Costume.  This front coat and hood will make your pup look like a panda bear running around on its hind legs.  The furry coat features the white and black patterns for everyone’s favorite bamboo-eating bear and allows your dog’s face to pop through the front of the hood.  Faux arms at your dog’s shoulders will look like excited panda arms when they run towards you.  

Animal Costumes

Kid’s Deluxe Lion Costume

If your little one wants to stalk and stretch like the big cats of the African plains, there’s nothing like this cozy costume to make him feel the part. This jumpsuit has a tawny color and a soft, faux fur texture. Any child will love pretending to be a lion with the mitts, while roaring in the shaggy mane headpiece! With golden boot covers over your child’s shoes and a hairy tipped tail, your child is sure to remain in character as long as they’re wearing this costume!

Paige the Dragon Costume

This adorable Halloween costume is styled as a romper with hood and matching shoe covers. Purple pile material is accented with spots of pink fur, and metallic pink spikes give this dragon a cute factor that’s just a little bit intimidating too! But the soft sculpt eyes and teeth are sure to let all the villagers know that this beastie is a sweet one who probably just wants to cuddle and watch her favorite flicks. Complete her costume look with pink tights, and she’ll be ready to hang out, provided that you have enough sweets on hand to keep her fire breathing at bay!


Still looking for ideas?

Here are some links to sites that have costumes, accessories, and all the decorations you’ll need to make this Halloween the perfect fright night.

Spirit Halloween
Hot Topic
Liking Cosplay

Let me know in the comments what costume you chose.

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