How Does That Happen?

xray neck

One Embarrassing Story

This story is kind of funny, a little embarrassing and also a little sad at one point. But for the most part it is meant to be a funny and embarrassing story.

I think I was in grade 10 or 11 when this happened. As I was getting ready for the day to start and jumped into the shower to freshen up. I leaned back to rinse the shampoo out of my hair and I felt a big snap in my neck. I couldn’t move my head at all. There I was, in the shower, still with shampoo in my hair and I couldn’t move.

My parents were still sleeping, so I turned off the shower, wrapped up in a towel and woke up my mom. Trying to explain through my tears how much pain I was in got my mom giggling. If you know our family, you’ll know that we tend to laugh at very inappropriate times. We find very odd things quite funny.

Hospital Trip


My mom tried to get my dad up so that he could drive us to the hospital, but he took one look at me with soap in my hair and told us to take a cab. Imagine. It still makes me laugh.

I managed to get myself dressed. When the cab arrived I managed to bump my head as I was getting in the back seat, thanks to the fact that I couldn’t move my head. And my mom got the giggles again.

We ended up in the emergency department and after a few hours, and some x-rays I was discharged with a neck collar and a prescription for some pain medication. Turns out I gave myself whiplash in the shower. How the hell do you get whiplash in the shower?

Puffy Lux

The Sad Twist

As we were waiting for the cab to take us home, the police were escorting a prisoner into the hospital. I noticed him right away and was curious as to what he had done and why he was there. But then I had forgotten about it quickly once I bumped my head on the cab door again.

Taxi sign

Later that night as I relaxed on the couch in my collar, I saw the prisoner from the hospital on the news.Earlier that day he drove drunk and crashed his car through a bus shelter. He killed a young girl that went to my high school. This is the main reason why that day stands out in my head.

I’m glad that I have a happy, funny memory to go along with that sad day.

A happy memory, a sore neck and two bumps on the head.

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