It’s Been a While

I’m Back

Well people; I’m back. It’s been a while but I’m ready to start this journey once again.

As with most people, quarantine has been quite challenging. Some would think that a person who suffers from social anxiety wouldn’t have a problem being quarantined for six months. I would have thought the same myself, but having gone through it, I will admit that it was difficult.


My 14 year old daughter was home with me, so I did have company, and she kept me busy. Her school was shut down during the March Break. It was her grade 8 year and she missed out on some huge milestones. Her grade 8 graduation, being the ‘seniors’ in the school, the grad trip to Muskoka Woods, and all of the sports and activities that she would normally participate in.

Her school is a sports and wellness academy and they center around sports, activities and healthy living. She has recived many medals and accolaids during her time in this school. She started in grade 4, being invited to join the grade 6 volleyball team. Since then she has participated in every sport available including flag football, soccer, badminton, and even something called borden ball. She excelled in both volleyball and track and field. Playing on the grade 8 girls and co-ed teams in grade 7 the girls were the west conference champions and the co-ed team won the city championships. Her small group of just 5 girls managed to win the west conference championship for both grade 6 and grade 7. They were on target to be champions again in all sports, but then the Coronavirus hit and threw everything off.

So having an active teenager quarantined in the house for 6 months had it’s ups and downs. Living in a somewhat small 2 bedroom apartment doesn’t leave much space to play and stay active. We’ve broken a few things while playing sports in the house. Nothing too serious though. There was a lot of Netflix, music and TikTok.

Her grade 9 year has officially started and she gets to attend school 2-3 times a week for a half day and then virtual learning every day in the afternoon. So now I find that I will actually have some time to myself to continue this blog.

My Changes

You would think that after 6 months of not sharing anything on here that I would have come up with some fantastic topics and have all this great content planned; but no. I’m still struggling to come up with new ideas to talk about. Do I just write about my life, my likes and dislikes, what my day is like? Or do I make lists, worksheets, printables?

One of the reasons I started this blog was to have an outlet, a kind of sounding board for all of my thoughts, fears and mindfulness exercises. There will be times that it will just be ramblings of the many obscure thoughts that dance around in my brain on a daily basis. But for now, it’s just me. A re-introduction to who, what, where and why I am.

Thought tangent:
“Where is Gamora?” – Quill
“I’ll do you one better; Who is Gamora? – Tony
“I’ll do you one better; Why is Gamora? – Drax
One of the funniest improvised lines in a movie!

As you can see, my train of thought tends to travel on many different tracks at the same time.

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Back to what I was saying. Anxiety, depression and OCD make it extremly difficult to write and maintain a blog. My depression causes me to isolate myself and tell myself, “why bother, nobody cares what you write about”. My anxiety causes me to second guess every idea that crosses my mind and tell myself “don’t write that, they’ll laugh at you or think you’re weird”. Then to top it all off, the OCD causes me to read and re-read every word, change the format adjust the fonts, etc. So much so that writing the blog may take an hour but to actually post it to the website could take the whole day.

So, even though it may take me longer than a typical blogger to get stuff posted, I’m happy to say that I’m back and I’m trying.

Welcome once again and I hope you enjoy.

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