Should My Teen Get The Big Bedroom?

teen bedroom

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The Argument

Our daughter is about to be 14. We live in a small two bedroom apartment that is full of stuff we don’t need. So our question is, should my teen get the big bedroom?

I was planning on switching rooms with her so that she can have the bigger, master bedroom, and we would use her room, which is half the size

Who came up with the idea that the ‘grown ups’ get the big room? It makes more sense the other way around. Adults sleep in their room, whereas kids, expecially teenagers, practically live in theirs.

Of course I don’t want her to think that she’s getting it just because seh’s a great kid, which she is. So I had to think of something she could do to earn it.

Side story

Now, one small part of my own mental health struggles is a mild form of OCD. This doesn’t mean I’m a neat freak. It’s actually quite the opposite.

I have a tendency to collect things. A lot of people, including those in the medical profession call it hoarding. It’s not to the extreme that we have to crawl over things to get from room to room, but I will admit that floor and wall space is at a minimum.

What should she do

So back to my problem. What can she do to earn the big bedroom? I’ve made a deal with her that if she helps to clear out the room with me she can have it. Needless to say, there are already two garbage bags ready for the curb.

Comment below on what you think. Should my teen get the big bedroom? Are we crazy for giving up all of the extra space or do you agree with the decision?

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