Eye makeup remover

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you purchase through my link, with no cost to you. 30 Beauty Products To Try I have never been a staunch user of cosmetics and beauty products. In fact, growing up I was probably more known for beingContinue Reading

covid-19 cells

Co-Vid-19 Fears As with most people around the world at this time, I have some CoVid-19 fears. For those who are living under a rock, CoVid-19 is a new strain of the Coronavirus which basically causes the flu but one that seems to hit people hard. People tend to approachContinue Reading

teen bedroom

The Argument Our daughter is about to be 14. We live in a small two bedroom apartment that is full of stuff we don’t need. So our question is, should my teen get the big bedroom? I was planning on switching rooms with her so that she can have theContinue Reading