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Supernatural Season 1 Episode 8 – Bugs

swarm of bugs

Supernatural Season 1 Episode 8 – Bugs

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Oasis Plains, Oklahoma

On a construction site, two men, Dustin and Travis, are working in a new development and talking about the prices of the new homes. After feeling the ground shake, Dustin looks around for damage and falls into a sinkhole. His ankle is broken so his co-worker, Travis, goes to find a rope. Noises surround Dustin and he starts to see that bugs are crawling all over him. He screams for Travis but by the time Travis returns with a rope Dustin is dead.

At a bar somewhere, after Dean hustled some money playing pool, Sam shows him the newspaper article about the death of the construction worker. The news report said that he died of mad cow disease. If that were true, he would have shown symptoms long before his death. Sam thinks that there is more to the story, so the Winchester brothers drive to Oklahoma.


Upon arrival, Dean and Sam first go to the gas company that Dustin worked for. They speak to his co-worker Travis and ask what happened to Dusty, saying that he was their uncle. After a brief conversation they ask if he could show them where it happened.

They arrive at the scene where caution tape marks off the hole that Dustin fell into. Sam and Dean ignore the tape and examine the hole. Dean manages to taunt Sam to go into the hole. Once inside he could only find a few beetles, but nothing else to give any clue as to what happened.

Sam and Dean Winchester looking down a hole.

Needing more information, they decide to attend an open house barbeque at one of the houses already finished.

House Guests

Inside the house they are greeted by the developer, Larry Pike, who assumed that the brothers were a couple. They quickly corrected him and said that there are looking for a place for their father. Larry tells them that the neighborhood is clean and safe.

On a tour of the house Dean sees a jar filled with bugs, which we find out belongs to Larry’s son, Matt. Outside, Sam is talking to the sales rep, Linda, who is talking about how all the homes have a steam shower. Sam notices a tarantula is crawling towards her on a counter. He picks it up and returns it to who he thinks is the owner of the arachnid, who is Larry’s son, Matt. They bond over a conversation about father son relationships.

Sam returning a tarantula to Matt who collects them and bugs

Family Issues

Larry comes to take Matt back into the house, probably to yell at him. The boys have a quick discussion about their own father, of which they both have very different memories. Sam thinks that their dad thought of Dean as the good son, because it was the wrong choice to play soccer instead of learning how to bow hunt. Dean changes the subject back to the job and says that he found out about a man in the area died about a year ago by an attack of bees. That means that two deaths are connected to bugs.

Later that night as they drive through the neighbourhood, they decide that there were no signs of paranormal activity but are curious about the bug connection. They also discuss Larry’s son since he seems to have a liking for bugs. They pull into the garage of one of the empty houses and “squat” for the night.

Next we see the sales rep, Linda, inside her house, turning on her tv. A bug falls on her so she decides to wash off in the steam shower that she was telling Sam about. In the shower, tons of spiders come crawling out of the faucet and Linda becomes the next victim of the curious phenomenon.

Spiders and bugs coming out of a shower faucet.

The brothers find out about the death the next morning and head over to the house. It is surrounded by police and paramedics but they spot Larry and stop to ask some questions. He tells them that Linda died but they don’t know how. After the police leave, they sneak into the house and in the bathroom they find some spiders in the shower area. Now it is time to question Matt.

Help From The Experts

They wait for Matt at the school bus stop and when he gets off the bus, he walks into the woods instead of going home. After first asking if they were serial killers, Matt defends himself saying that he isn’t involved in what is happening but he knows that something is going on with the insects in the area. While walking to see what Matt is talking about, they talk about family again. Sam tells Matt that in 2 years, when he goes to college, it will be better.

They arrive at a place where Matt tells them that all of the insects have been gathering in this one spot. There is a big pile of dirt and as Dean digs through it he finds a skull. They uncover more skeletal remains and decide to take them to the Department of Anthropology to have them examined.

They learn from a professor that the bones are from the time when the area was inhabited by Native Americans and that there was a tribe called the Yuche about 60 miles away. Sam and Dean think that is where they would get the best information about what might be going on.

When they arrive to speak with one of the tribe members, he could tell that Dean was a liar. But he was willing to answer any questions that Sam had. He tells them about a Yuchi tribe village that was wiped out, over 6 days, by an American Calvary when they refused to relocate. The village leader then placed a curse on the land. Nature would protect the land for 6 days each year. And judging by the recent events, Sam and Dean figure out that this was the 6th day of the curse, and rush back to the development.

The Fallout

Next we see Matt outside of his house looking at bugs when all of a sudden there are more bugs than there should be coming out of the ground. After failing to speak to Larry on the phone, Sam calls Matt and explains what they just learned. Dean tells Matt to lie to his family to get them out of the house.

Matt actually tried telling the truth to his dad but of course Larry didn’t believe him. As they argue, the brothers arrive and so do the bugs. They all run into the house. There is no power and the phone lines are dead. They all try to seal off any openings but forget the fireplace. The bugs fly in as Dean finds some flammable bug spray for protection.

All of them hunker down in the attic but termites start eating through the wood which allows even more bugs to get in. The sun comes up just in time and all of the bugs go away.

Swarm of bugs flying through a hole.

As the day begins, we see Larry and his family packing up and moving out of the house. Construction is stopped on the rest of the neighborhood because of the bones that were found. Larry is just happy to have his family safe and doesn’t care too much about the development. Matt throws away his bug collection.

In this episode we learn a little more about Sam and Dean’s upbringing and how each of them had two completely different experiences. They try to focus on the bigger picture of finding their father. Sam wants to apologize for words that were said.

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Supernatural Season 1, Episode 6 “Skin”

shapeshifter skinwalker wolf

Supernatural Season 1, Episode 6 “Skin”

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This episode starts out by showing a woman strapped to a chair, gagged and bloodied. A person approaches and pulls out a knife with a wavy blade. A S.W.A.T enters the building and finds the woman in the chair. She motions in the direction that her assailant went and the police enter the next room and find a man trying to leave through a balcony door. With his hands up, he turns around and lit up by the flashlight we see that it is Dean Winchester. The we flash back to one week earlier.

Sam gets an email from his friend Becky from College. Her brother Zach has been arrested for murdering his girlfriend. Becky insists that he is innocent considering he was with her when the girlfriend was killed, in spite of a security video showing Zack arriving home just before the murder.

The Investigation Begins

Becky takes Sam and Dean to the crime scene under the impression that Dean is a detective. They find out that the house was robbed about a week earlier and that the neighbors dog has become vicious since the murder. Once they view the security video, they see Zach’s eyes shine white when he looks at the camera, and know that there is something more to this story.

shapeshifter white eyes

We watch a man kiss his wife goodbye as he leaves for a business trip. The trip is cancelled and he returns home a few hours later to find his wife tied up and bloody. As he tries to untie her, she begs him not to hurt her anymore. Confused, the husband searches the other rooms for an intruder and finds a man that looks exactly like him, who then knocks him out with a bat.

On their second day of investigating, Sam realizes that the security footage shows “Zach” coming home, but doesn’t show him leaving. They go to the alley to look for any clues that he may have left through the back door. Sam finds a bloody handprint just before an ambulance, with it’s sirens blaring drives past them. And of course, they have to follow to find out what happened.

The ambulance ends up at the home of the business man as he is being put into a police cruiser. Dean asks some questions and discover that the story is eerily similar to that of Zach’s story. They come to the conclusion that they are dealing with a shapeshifter. Something that can make itself look like anyone. They find another blood trail in the alley behind the crime scene that seems to disappear, until they notice the sewer grate below them.

Down Below

When they explore the sewer system they find some skin and blood that is possibly shed from the shapeshifter, just like a snake. Just as they are about to investigate further, Sam gets a call from Becky. She has found out that Dean is not a detective, and she is not happy. She tells Sam that she doesn’t want his help anymore. But that doesn’t stop them.

manhole cover sewer system

Further into the sewer they find what they think is the shapeshifter’s lair when suddenly they are attacked by the creature still in the shape of the business man. It manages to escape them onto the city streets. They split up to look for it and then meet up on a city block corner, neither one finding the suspected shapeshifter. They cross the road to head back to the car and as a car passes in front of Dean, the beam of the headlight show his eyes are that of the shapeshifter. It doesn’t take long for Sam to realize that it is not his brother and confronts it. But just as quickly, the creature knocks him out with a tire iron.

Sam wakes up tied to a beam in the sewer. The shapeshifter tells Sam that Dean is jealous. It can somehow access Dean’s thoughts and memories and shares them with Sam. He resents Sam for having opportunities like going to college when he had to stay with their dad. He also says that he’s going to pay a visit to Sam’s friend Becky.

Shapeshifter Who’s Who

Becky and the Dean imposter are talking and having a drink while Sam is trying to get free of his ropes. As he tries, he hears Dean waking up. Dean gets out of his ropes and helps Sam with his and is listening to Sam’s theory that the shapeshifter needs to keep the person that he turns into alive in order to create a psychic connection. Meanwhile at Becky’s house, the shapeshifter tries to come on to her and she shuts him down quickly. She gets scared and tries to call the police but it knocks her down and ties her up.

We are then faced with the opening scene of the woman strapped to a chair, tied and bloodied. The S.W.A.T. team finds the shapeshifter trying to escape through the balcony door but it throws the knife and one and karate kicks another. It jumps off the balcony, does a barrel roll on the grass, and runs away dodging bullets. It returns to its lair in the sewer and sheds it’s Dean skin.

We are then faced with the opening scene of the woman strapped to a chair, tied and bloodied. The S.W.A.T. team finds the shapeshifter trying to escape through the balcony door but it throws the knife and one and karate kicks another. It jumps off the balcony, does a barrel roll on the grass, and runs away dodging bullets. It returns to its lair in the sewer and sheds it’s Dean skin.

After Sam and Dean escape the sewer they walk past tv’s that are broadcasting a bulletin about the attack on Becky. The bulletin shows a police sketch of Dean saying that he is wanted and may be armed and dangerous. They return to Becky’s house to get the car and the weapons inside so that they can hunt down the creature. But once there, the police notice them. Sam distracts the police while Dean gets away and eventually gets to the Impala.

Dean, not listening to Sam’s warning, goes into the sewer alone while Sam is at Becky’s house trying to explain everything. Dean gets to the lair and finds Becky tied up and covered in a tarp. She tells him that the creature turned into her before it left. And meanwhile at Becky’s house the imposter Becky knocks out Sam with an empty bottle of beer. It then turns back into Dean and has Sam tied up and is planning on killing him.

Sam fights back, gets out of his bindings and he and the creature fight. Just as the shapeshifter is strangling Sam the real Dean enters. He shoots the creature in the heart with a silver bullet and it lies dead, still looking like Dean.

The Heat Is Off, Where To Next?

The police think that the deceased “Dean Winchester” is the person responsible for Becky’s attack. They also pin the death of her brother’s girlfriend on him. Because of this, they release Zach from custody and the police think that the video footage was tampered with. As the brothers drive along the highway, Dean jokes and says “How many chances am I gonna have to see my own funeral?”

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Supernatural Season 1, Episode 5 “Bloody Mary”

bloody mary

Supernatural Season 1, Episode 5
“Bloody Mary”

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I’m sure that most of us have heard of the legend and superstition of Bloody Mary. A ghost story that includes the chanting of the name Bloody Mary three times in the mirror of a darkly lit room. This is supposed to summon the spirit of a woman who will appear in the mirror and in some way harm you, or at least scare you half to death.

This episode of Supernatural starts by introducing us to some young girls having a sleepover at the home of Lily Shoemaker. Two of the girls convince Lily to go into the dark bathroom and say the forbidden name three times. When she does, nothing happens. Well; not right away. Later that night, Lily’s father is found in a pool of blood in the bathroom. The cause of death was listed as a stroke, but when the Winchesters get involved there is sure to be something even more sinister.

Sam and Dean listen to Lily’s story and decide to delve more into the legend of Bloody Mary. Since there are numerous tellings of the scary tale, they find it hard to know which one to believe. Later, one of Lily’s sisters friends; Jill, doesn’t believe in the superstition and jokingly says the name in the mirror three times. Her reflection says to her “you killed that boy” and she subsequently dies.

Smoke And Mirrors, Magic, Explosion, Mirror

The Investigation

After investigating both scenes the brothers uncover what looks like a bloody handprint and a name at both locations. At the Shoemakers home the name was that of Lily’s mother who died under mysterious circumstances; and at Jill’s it was the name of a boy who was killed in a hit and run accident in which the description of the car was the same as Jill’s. This brings Sam and Dean to believe that Bloody Mary is killing people that have a secret involving someone who has died. They don’t have to be involved in the death, they just feel responsible.

Their search leads them to a story about a woman named Mary who died in front of a mirror and whose spirit was possibly transferred into the mirror. In order to stop the spirit from killing anyone else, they need to destroy the mirror. They manage to find the mirror at an antique store where Sam invokes the spirit of Mary. His big secret is that he feels responsible for Jess’ death because he had a dream about it before it happened. Dean gets distracted by the police showing up outside the store and when he gets back to Sam, smashes the mirror before Mary is able to kill Sam.

The Twist

Bloody Mary is somehow able to pull herself out of the mirror and begins to kill both brothers. Dean’s quick thinking saves them both when he pulls out a mirror and shows Bloody Mary her own reflection. By doing this, it turns the magic onto herself and she dies.

Dean doesn’t know what Sam’s secret is, but they pack up and head off to find themselves another town and another spirit to fight.

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